The Bucknell University Griot Institute for Africana Studies Antigua Sugar Mills project is grounded entirely on the decades-long work and research of Agnes Meeker, an independent researcher and lay historian whose passion has been gathering information on the sugar mills and plantations of the island.

While in Antigua, in 2016 with Bucknell in the Caribbean students, during a tour with a local professor, we learned about the important work the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda has been engaged in documenting the sugar mills of Antigua. That encounter instigated the idea of digitizing, mapping, and historicizing each of the mills electronically for access to scholars and for lay people interested in studying Antiguan and Caribbean histories, as well as for tourists visiting the island.

In partnership with Bucknell’s Digital Humanities staff, the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda, Agnes Meeker, and Bucknell students, this website is the manifestation of that scholarly and pedagogical project.

Special thanks go to Agnes Meeker and to the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda.