Type: Extant
Parish: St.Paul
Founding date: 1673
Long, lat: ,

Generic picture of the cabbage tree mill

Current Status

The Pedigree of Lucas gives some conflicting statistics of data ownership.   The 1729 Herman Moll map shows three Lucas estates – Lucas which had three windmills – Lucas Inn just south in the location of Morris Looby’s today – near Lynch’s above Half Moon Bay approximately where Sheriff’s is today.

Estate Related History/Timeline

Cabadge Tree Plantation formerly Col. William Byam’s in Willoughby Bay Division. Col. Rowland Williams sells to John Pynchan and Samuel Willis Esq., also 25 acres. Vere Oliver Vol.III P.235

John Samuel Wyllys and Richard Lord of Connecticut were involved in producing of sugar on the Cabbage Tree Plantation, St. Paul’s Parish, Antigua.

1677: 17th November, 1677: John sent some pinetree shillings (New England money) to cousin Richard Lord of Haratford, to take to Antigua “to improve for promoting the design of the Plantation and sugar works there.”
1685: 15th August, 1685: Samuel Wyllys and Richard Lord (owners) and John Lucas (the lessee) the arbitrators ruled that John Lucas was to deliver to the Messrs. Wyllys and Lord the four African children (Combo, Mingo, Dick and Jack) that was then on Cabbage Tree Plantation. Wyllys Papers.

Samuel Wyllys due to financial stress from sugar plantations in Antigua led him to resign from the General Court in (Hartford Ct.)1685 which he returned to in 1689.

Note that all three men were related through marriage – John Lucas was brother-in-law to Samuel Wyllys as was Richard Lord and Major John Pynchon was married to Amy Wyllys also involved who withdrew from planting in Antigua in 1689. They also knew the Winthrope’s.

John Lucas – 1673 – Will. “Estate valued at 8000 pounds I hereby devise to John Hill my plantation in Willoughby Bay, Antigua, called “Round Hill” acquired in 1678 and “Cabbage Tree” acquired in 1682” Vere Oliver Vol.II p.199

John Lucas started acquiring land as of 1668 (25 acres), 1679 with Richard Travis 600 acres from Jeremiah Watkins; 1679 122 acres in St John’s Division from John Moore; 1680 10 acres from Ensign Fra. Gifford, 1680 70 acres and 172 acres from John Moore; 1682 511 acres from Sir W. Stapleton.

John Lucas’ troubles began in 1699 when he petitioned the Council of Trade in London and ran afoul of Governor Codrington. John Lucas writes from the Common Goal on 28 May, 1698 to his friend Edward Walrond at London saying he had to pay £2,000 in libel damages to General Codrington One of his children who was with him in the goal has died.
At the request of Mr. George Lucas and the Hon. John Yeamans and John Lucas, Esq., I have divided the estate of 380 acres, by John Yeamans and John Lucas possessed as tenants in common for over 20 years past, and the said John Lucas has given his half to the said George Lucas his son. Surveyed 22 April, 1707.

1758: “John Lightfoot – Will 1758. 3rd part of a plantation called Monk’s Hill and all that undivided 3rd part of a plantation in the parish of Willoughby Bay called “Roundhill.” Vere Oliver Vol.II p.182

George Lucas, Governor of Antigua from 1742 -47 owned Cabbage Tree Plantation which overlooked English Harbour. His daughter Eliza Pinkney (b.1722) grew up in Antigua at (Poerest) Cabbage Tree plantation, one of the family’s three plantations on the island. She had two younger brothers Thomas and George, and sister Molly.

John Lucas d.1673 – Will. “Estate valued at 8000 pounds I hereby devise to John Hill my plantation in Willoughby Bay, Antigua, called “Round Hill” acquired in 1678 and “Cabbage Tree” acquired in 1682.” Vere Oliver Vol.II p.199

This mill can be viewed from the Fig Tree Drive road as you near Clairmont, nestled in the hills.

Enslaved People’s History

Based on contemporary research, we have little information to share about the enslaved peoples from this plantation at this time. We will continue our quest for more information about these vital individuals.

Ownership Chronology

Prior Col. William Byam

  • (1673 devise to John Hill by John Lucas)
  • 1680:  Rowland Williams
  • 1685: John Pynchan, Richard Lord & Samuel Willis, Esq.
  • 1682:  John Lucas    Member of the Assembly 1683       all related
  • 1707:  Lieut. Colonel George Lucas –  a minor in 1699( d.1747) war at Brest – dtr. Eliza Pinkney (b.1722)
  • 1747:  George Lucas